Admission Standards

Stonehill students are individuals who crave moral, spiritual, intellectual and social growth. Leading with courage and compassion, they combine rigorous academic inquiry and cooperative learning with personal responsibility and the will to act.

Application Review

Each student has a unique background and we want to put your academic record into the proper context. The following factors are the primary focus of our consideration:

  • Strength of high school curriculum: The courses you have taken in each subject area within the context of what your high school offers.
  • Cumulative GPA: The grades you’ve earned across your high school career.
  • Class rank: If provided.
  • Recommendations: One from your guidance/college counselor and at least one from a teacher.
  • Extracurricular activities: We are an active campus looking for active students.
  • Personal statement (essay): A chance for us to hear your voice and learn more about you as a person.
  • Standardized test scores: Stonehill is test optional. You may submit SAT or ACT scores if you believe they will benefit the review of your application.

Student Profile

Class of 2020

  • 725 freshman, 42% men, 58% women
  • 30% enrolled as liberal arts majors, 23% enrolled as science majors, 20% enrolled as business majors, 7% enrolled as education majors, and 20% enrolled undeclared
  • average recalculated GPA (4.00 scale): 3.30
  • average recalculated GPA for middle 50% (4.00 scale): 3.04-3.57
  • average rank-in-class for middle 50%: 12%-37%
  • average ACT composite score for middle 50%: 22-28*
  • average SAT Reading, Math, and Writing combined score for middle 50%: 1500-1810*

In High School

  • 70% completed at least 1 Advanced Placement (AP) course
  • 35% completed 3 or more AP courses
  • 78% took part in community service or volunteer work
  • 67% played a varsity sport
  • 34% served as captain for their varsity team
  • 85% participated in student government or leadership activites
  • 30% were involved in dance, music and/or drama
  • 63% held a part-time job

*Stonehill is test-optional in the review for admission and merit scholarships. The test ranges above reflect the 92% of the class of 2020 who reported their scores to the Office of Admission.