Library Programs & Initiatives

Here you will find brief descriptions of the various new programs and initiatives currently being planned, piloted, or assessed by the Library. If you have ideas for additional programs or initiatives you would like the Library to consider, please contact Liz Chase, Head of Collections, Assessment, and User Engagement, at or 508.565.1329.


Faculty Librarian Partnership Program

New trends in library instruction are moving away from "one-shot" sessions (that try to teach everything a student might need to know during a single library visit) and instead are moving towards more "integrated" approaches that connect students to the library in multiple ways throughout the semester. FLPP partners faculty members and librarians to pilot such integrated approaches throughout a semester. Since 2010, Faculty and Librarians have developed a number of partnerships, each customized to suit the needs of a particular course. In past partnerships, librarians have offered multiple brief library instruction sessions during the course of the semester, have served as an "integrated librarian" in person or via the eLearn platform, have contributed to the development of assignments and identification of resources for completing them, and have assisted in creating customized tools designed for a specific course. To read more about the programs benefits and requirements, click here.


Student User Study

The MacPhaidin Library collects data about its resources and services in order to assess our work and improve our support for Stonehill College students, faculty, and staff. In 2015, we began a new project in order to better understand how our students work with the library and our librarians. As part of this project, Students will be asked to swipe their HillCards after they have asked a question at the reference desk and received assistance from a librarian, or at the end of an instruction session or research consultation. This card swipe allows us to record student ID numbers, which we will then correlate with anonymous demographic data such as class year and major. From this data, we plan to create student surveys and outreach programs that will enable us to enhance the resources we offer to our students. 

As part of this study and to comply with IRB regulations, all Stonehill students will recieve an emailed letter at the start of each semester, explaining the project. A student may opt out at any time by declining to swipe his or her HillCard. To read the letter students will receive, click here


George I. Alden Trust Grant

In 2013 the George I. Alden Trust awarded Stonehill College a grant for the renovation of a technology-enabled classroom and collaboration space in our existing MacPháidín Library. This renovated classroom will serve as a highly interactive space that utilizes advanced technology and innovative learning space design to maximize student learning outcomes. We envision a state-of-the-art instruction and study space for our students and faculty that supports a 21st century research, teaching and learning community.


Assessment in Action Grant

This project is part of the program Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success which is undertaken by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in partnership with the Association for Institutional Research and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. The program, a cornerstone of ACRL's Value of Academic Libraries initiative, is made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

To educate all students in this competitive world, we must rethink the way we conceptualize “information literacy” and focus on a goal of information fluency in which students are not just knowledgeable of information resources, but fluent in their use. In order to rethink our own information literacy program at Stonehill, a team including a foreign language faculty member, the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and the library’s Information Literacy and Outreach Librarian applied for and received an Assessment in Action grant. The direct focus of Stonehill’s project is to create a scalable program, piloted by the Foreign Languages Department, through which faculty members assess novice and intermediate students’ information fluency skills. Through this partnership, we seek to determine new methods for information fluency instruction, including new measures for student learning, that can be adapted for various departments and programs.


MacPháidín Library Surveys

In December 2013 and January 2014, the Library undertook its first all-campus surveys. We distributed a survey to the student population and received 449 completed responses, for an 18% response rate. Our survey to faculty received 79 completed responses, for a 25% response rate. The Head of Collections, Assessment and User Engagement is currently preparing reports based on the survey data that will be shared with Library staff as well as faculty and administrators. Data from the surveys will be used both in marketing materials for the Library, but also in our strategic planning and decision-making processes, as we work to ensure that our programs and services meet student and faculty needs.