The transfer application is available to those who have graduated high school (or a G.E.D. program) and finished one semester of college. Those not accepted as a first-year applicant at Stonehill must complete a full year at another institution before they reapply as a transfer.

Each transfer application is carefully and holistically reviewed by the transfer counselor and then reviewed again by the Dean of Admission.

Transfer Admission Application Deadlines

Admissions decisions will be released on a rolling basis as students complete their applications.

Fall Semester Transfer: Extended to August 1
Spring Semester Transfer:  November 1

Transfer Application Instructions

The Common Application is an easy-to-use college application system. You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your family; and some more detailed information about your education and your extracurricular activities.

The Stonehill Member Screen questions give us a few more details that are not included in the main section of the Common Application. After adding Stonehill to your list of colleges through the college search function, you will be able to answer the Stonehill questions. Stonehill requires that applicants submit an essay of 500 words or less that answers the following prompt:

2018 Stonehill writing supplement (required - 500 WORD MAXIMUM)

In your own words, please explain your reasons for transferring to Stonehill and the goals you hope to accomplish in your college career.

Your final official High School Transcript will need to be submitted as part of your application. Your transcript should include your academic record for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Your transcript should also show your cumulative grade point average (GPA), your class rank (if your school calculated one). We expect that your transcript will show successful completion and graduation from high school.

We attract applicants from all over the country – and all over the world. The Final Report helps us get to know the high school you attended a bit better. The report asks questions about the classes you were given the opportunity to take, the size of your graduating class, and how your GPA was calculated. The Final Report form is included in the online Common Application and should be completed by a guidance counselor from your high school.

A Transfer Registrar Report reflecting good academic and disciplinary standing at all institutions where you were previously enrolled is required. The report must be completed by a college official who has access to both your academic record and your disciplinary record. A Transfer Registrar Report is required for any institution you attended on a full time basis. The Transfer Registrar Report form is included in the online Common Application.

Instructor Evaluations help us get to know you from a different perspective. The evaluation form will ask your professor to provide insights into your intellectual promise, creative thought, leadership, integrity, and self-confidence. Ask for evaluations from professors who know you well, and be sure to ask far enough in advance for them to thoughtfully consider your time together! We require that you provide one (1) Instructor Evaluation. Instructor Evaluation forms are included in the online Common Application.

The Transfer Mid-Term Report helps us evaluate your most recent academic performance. Give this form to instructors whose courses you are enrolled in at the time you file your transfer application and ask them to provide an indication of your performance. The Transfer Mid-Term Report form is included in the online Common Application.

Your official College Transcript will need to be submitted as part of your application. If you’ve attended other colleges in the past, we’ll need to see those official transcripts, too.

We want to know as much as we can about the education you’ve already received. If you’ve taken college-level courses, we’ll need to see course descriptions (they can be taken right from the college catalog).

Pay the $60.00 Application Filing Fee.

Next Steps

When your transfer application is received electronically by Stonehill you will be sent an acknowledgement email. You will also be given a password that will allow you to access the Admission Portal where you can check on the status of your application materials. You will be able to see the date when each of the parts of your application has been received and which documents have not been received. We cannot review your application until it is complete, so we urge you to keep checking your admission portal until all materials have been received.

Deferrals and Part-Time Status


Students who are accepted can defer their admission for one year. Students who wish to defer need to pay their enrollment deposit to hold their place in the class and complete a deferral form. Students who defer their admission may NOT enroll in classes during the deferment period. If a deferred student does take additional classes, then their deferral is canceled and they would need to reapply or reactivate their old transfer application.

Part-time students:

You can attend Stonehill as a part–time degree student, but part-time degree students can only take one or two courses per semester. Most of the classes at Stonehill are offered during the day and therefore you would not be able to complete a part-time degree program if you could only attend classes at night. You should know that part time students do not qualify for financial aid for these courses and they cannot live on campus.