Save Your Receipts and Submit a Reimbursement Form

Be sure to save your receipts!  After your alcohol-free FUN, submit your receipts and completed reimbursement form in person to the Office Student Affairs (located in Duffy 146) within 1 week of your FUN event.

  • Please note that only one reimbursement payment will be processed. If multiple people were involved in your FUN, please decide who you would like to be reimbursed and have that person will distribute the funds to the others involved.
  • Please be sure to submit ITEMIZED receipts when possible (especially for dining!) - not just receipts that show totals.
  • Please note that expenditures that exceed the initially approved grant, or items that are additional to the originally budgeted expenses cannot be reimbursed. Only items pre-approved by the Committee on your application can be reimbursed.
  • If the Committee has reason to believe alcohol was consumed in conjunction with your FUN, your reimbursement will be revoked. Kindly note that it may take up to two weeks after your receipts are submitted to receive reimbursement to your student account.
  • If your reimbursement request is not received by the Office of Student Affairs within ONE MONTH of your FUN event, your approval will be revoked and the funds will be distributed to other applicants.
  • In the event that you are approved for funds, but decide you are unable to attend your event, kindly notify Kelly Fitzgerald so that these unused funds may be redistributed to other students.

Contact Information

Kelly L. Fitzgerald

Associate Director of Counseling Services
Counseling Services