The following criteria may be considered when applications are reviewed by the Committee, but they are not weighted in any particular order or ranking. They are just reasoning points used to help fairly and evenly distribute FUN Fund grants so all students feel the funds are accessible.

We make take the following into consideration…

  • Creativity and uniqueness of FUN
  • If FUN is planned for a weekend night rather than a weekday.  Please remember we typically only fund events that take place during the normal, academic year (not during finals or college breaks).
  • If application is appropriately and completely submitted, for up to $200
  • How persuasively the FUN is presented in the application explanations
  • If this event could already be funded by another source (e.g. Residence Life, Student Activities, Clubs & Sports teams with budgets)
  • The amount of people served by the FUN event (the more students involved, the better)
  • If applicant is a first-timer versus someone who has previously received a grant
  • How expensive the FUN is in light of how much funds we may have available in the budget
  • If grants are distributed similarly among all class years
  • Order received: especially if all applications are great, it may just come to first come, first served
  • Please note that typically only FUN that takes place during the regular academic year (not during breaks, finals, etc.) will be considered.