The application deadline for Summer 2020 is December 6, 2018, 12:00 p.m. (noon). To be considered for funding, students and faculty should complete the following forms. Completed applications can be submitted in person to the Office of Academic Development, OR online using the process detailed below.

Please note:

  • A full application is required for each student applicant and faculty pair (multiple students cannot be combined in one application).
  • We are happy to review your proposal for  compliance with the Request for Proposals (RFP) and to provide feedback prior to submission. However, due to the volume of proposals typically submitted on the due date, a review of your proposal on this day cannot be guaranteed.
  • Completeness of proposals is the responsibility of the applicants.
  • Online applications will only be considered submitted if the student and the faculty receive a confirmation email from Stephanie DesRosiers or Bonnie Troupe.  

Application Materials 

  • SURE Proposal Cover Sheet 
  • SURE Commitment Statement
  • SURE Education Record Release Information

Online Submission

Applications will be accepted online via OneDrive (instructions for accessing OneDrive).  Please carefully follow the steps below and contact Stephanie DesRosiers or Bonnie Troupe if you have any questions or issues. 

  • Create a OneDrive folder(s) with the naming convention FACULTY LAST NAME STUDENT LAST NAME. Separate folders should be created for each student in a research team and should contain a full application for that student.  
  • Share the folder with the other member of the research team. DO NOT share with Bonnie or Stephanie at this time. (instructions for sharing OneDrive folders)
  • Drag and drop or upload the application materials to the folder. Although these can be separate documents, it is preferred that they be combined into one PDF. The following pieces (listed in the order referenced in RFP) must be included:

1 Cover sheet

2-5 Project narrative

6 Student personal statement

7 Faculty CV

8 Student resume

9 Commitment statement

10  OPTIONAL GPA/disciplinary record statement

Tip: if the file name starts with the number  listed above, the documents will remain in order within your OneDrive folder and it will be easier for you to confirm that everything is there. 

  • Once the faculty and the student have determined that everything is in good order, the folder should be shared with BOTH Stephanie and Bonnie. Sharing can be processed by either member of the research party, but should not be done until it is agreed that the application materials are complete and can be officially submitted. This step must be completed prior to 12:00 p.m. (noon) on December 6! All four parties will receive system-generated emails that the folder has been shared.
  • Stephanie or Bonnie will send a personalized email to the faculty and student confirming receipt. Applications will not be considered submitted until this email has been sent!
  • Completeness of proposals is the responsibility of the applicants.


  • Faculty applying with more than one student should ensure that a separate folder is used for each applicant to maintain confidentiality and to avoid confusion.
  • Documents do not always appear accurately when viewed in a web browser. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to print out the components, verify format, and scan to a single PDF prior to sharing/submitting in OneDrive.  
  • Friday, December 6 will be an extremely busy day for submissions so we can not guarantee that we will be able to review submissions on this day. If you would like a more thorough review of your application prior to submission, we recommend asking Bonnie to review it earlier in the week. 
  • We will do our best to acknowledge online submissions as soon as possible. However, please keep our office hours (8:00-4:30) in mind.  If you share a file with us during these hours and don’t hear from us within a few hours, please contact us to verify that we have received your file.

Stephanie DesRosiers

Administrative Assistant II
Academic Development

Duffy Academic Center – 119

The Office of Academic Development serves the faculty and staff of the College in helping to obtain external funding for scholarly research, academic program and curriculum development and community service projects.